Comet ISON

Northern hemisphere residents, this Thursday afternoon, coming to the theater above you, traveling at 1.3 million km/h (360 km per second!), watch Comet ISON shatter (most sungrazers are torn apart by Sun’s gravity and intense heat) or survive and light up the sky or watch it shatter! Nothing on Hunger Games but to watch this comet “catching fire” might be the only story you remember for years.

Google hangout: https://plus.google.com/events/c8t7i5dbr1k50oq89giloiqe8rc

NASA Comet ISON page: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/asteroids/comet_ison/index.html

C-ISON Infographic: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/docs/isoncomet_09b_Web_768-01.jpg


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"Life has a way of maintaining the homeostasis once the basic needs are met… the rest is upto you."

— Found this quote as I was organizing my study desk at home. It must have been from a blog. Essentially, the quote describes our natural human tendency to be satisfied with the status quo - especially when the basic needs (housing, fooding, clothing) are met. We all reach this stage and there is nothing wrong with it. Some people have worked for it and they embrace it. However, I would like to challenge myself to learn and contribute more. I am in a good position right now but my learning curve could be steeper.